Understanding the industry.

  • Providing Flexible Product Updates

    Product updates are a regular practice for technology companies. Once a product is released to the marketplace, developers continue to improve the functionality, fix bugs, and incorporate user feedback.

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  • How Safe is Your E-Invoicing?

    The Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) is a governance body that ensures that service company reporting standards mirror and comply with the international service organization reporting standard.

    Cortex has been engaged in, completed and received a green report for its SSAE16 audit for the last 3 years. This report shows reasonable assurance that the controls Cortex has put in place achieve the following:

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  • Safe Computing Practices

    I’d like to focus on the area of computing that typically causes the most issues for IT staff: safe computing practices. Over the last twenty years, the Internet has become a dangerous network. In response to this lack of safety, businesses and individuals shield their own private networks with a firewall and to use Network Address Translation (NAT) to segregate their machines off the Internet.

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  • Protect Your Business from a Postal Service Strike

    Every day when we go in to work, we rely on outside services to get the job done. We rely on the power company to ensure the lights come on, the phone company to be able to make calls, the internet provider to make sure we can access the web and communications, and Canada Post to deliver mail. Typically we do not give any thought to these requirements until there is an issue.

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  • Standing Out In A Crowd

    In a world where every business claims to have the best products (or services) in town, how do you stand out? It begins with a strong corporate identity.

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  • IT Insider - Computer Maintenance

    Imagine that it’s 6:00 PM on a Friday night and you’ve just sat down in front of your computer. For weeks it has been shutting down for no reason at all.

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  • How Cortex Simplifies Tax Changes

    We are committed to providing simple and effective e-invoicing solutions. One of the ways we do this is to monitor regulatory changes and update accordingly as part of our commitment...

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