Document Management

Digitally capture, index, store, and transfer corporate documents.

Digital document storage and retrieval at the touch of a button.

Integrated Document Management is a service that lets you digitally capture, organize, index, store, secure, access and transfer corporate documents. This solution can be implemented in a small departmental environment supporting few users, or as an enterprise-wide solution, supporting thousands of users and millions of documents.

Imagine the disruption to your business if you lost all your documents in a fire or flood? How much money could you save it you no longer had to rent office space for your files? This service offers a complete replacement of the previous costly and cumbersome method of paper document management both on-site and in remote long-term storage facilities. This digital solution provides customers easy access to all digital documents online, and with its automatic pre-fetching and caching mechanism, ensures optimum performance, regardless of the size of the document database.

Electronic document management creates a central repository of information in an electronic form. This allows for:

 Document Management is the ideal complement to document workflow service to enable end-to-end automation of your financial supply chain.


To learn more about the Cortex solutions suite, we invite you to contact our team of digital transformation experts. They will assess your business needs, provide information on available services, and offer the best solution to meet your goals. 

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"Cortex has been a great partner for Hilcorp. They were especially helpful in completing changes to the Cortex system needed to accommodate our financial system's invoice rejection process. This created significant efficiencies for us and we continue to be pleased with Cortex e-invoicing."

Ann Kaesermann, VP-Controller, Hilcorp