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Cortex provides a solution to streamline your invoicing process using your existing technology.


ACCURACY: Improve invoice data accuracy.

Our network provides vendors with a reference system to look up your specific invoice requirements. This Data Lookup system eliminates errors for quicker processing time. We also give you the option to reference Rate Schedules, Purchase Orders, and Field Tickets tied to the invoice, further improving accuracy and mitigating the challenges of working with approvers in different geographic areas.

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SCALABILITY: Shift your A/P costs from fixed to variable.

E-invoicing automation allows you to do more with less. This increased efficiency allows you to maintain your A/P staff levels even as business increases. With Cortex, you pay a document transfer fee, which shifts your costs from fixed to variable, giving you the agility to manage the ebb and flow of your operations.

STATUS UPDATES: Decrease vendor inquiries.

The system provides your suppliers with real time updates, allowing them to track the status of their invoices. They know when it arrives in your system (no more lost invoices), and can watch the progression through to payment. This minimizes phone calls to your A/P staff, allowing them to use their time more effectively.



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DISCOUNTS: Access early pay discounts.

Because Cortex e-invoicing leads to significantly faster processing cycles, you can unlock potential early pay discounts where negotiated with your vendors. Suppliers are motivated to minimize Days Sales Outstanding, including an opportunity to save a percentage discount if the invoice is paid within a specific time frame from the date of issue. This can lead to significant savings for your company.


REJECTION HANDLING: Manage rejections quickly and simply.

Manage rejections through our Direct Messaging system for quick resolution. Your vendors will see the message instantly, along with the measure needed to correct and resubmit.

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MULTI-VERTICAL: One platform. Any industry.

We specialize in the capture and exchange of all e-invoicing data, and we apply that expertise to the needs of our clients across many industry verticals. We standardize the data capture to accommodate your specific needs and procurement practices to help businesses with complex manual procurement processes in any industry to simplify and scale.

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CENTRALIZATION: Your gateway to optimization.

Centralized invoicing creates transparency for finance managers and executives. This knowledge of real-time accounting data allows you optimize working capital. Create as many logins as you need at no extra cost so that decision makers can review data; access your invoice data anywhere, anytime through the web-based portal; access standard or custom-built reporting to spot trends and opportunities.

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UNIVERSAL PORTAL: Connect once, communicate with everyone.

Cortex acts as a translator between you and your vendors. We integrate with your existing ERP and/or Workflow, and translate invoice data from any recipient into your accounting system. Our Network is one interface that connects to anyone you transact with.

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"Cortex has been a great partner for Hilcorp. They were especially helpful in completing changes to the Cortex system needed to accommodate our financial system's invoice rejection process. This created significant efficiencies for us and we continue to be pleased with Cortex e-invoicing."

Ann Kaesermann, VP-Controller, Hilcorp