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You want to get paid as quickly and easily as possible.

Cortex provides a solution that improves the accuracy and efficiency of your invoicing, reducing the issues that often delay payment, and providing visibility into the process.


ACCURACY: Improve invoice data accuracy.

Our network provides a reference system that lets you look up the Buyer’s specific invoice requirements. It ensures the information you enter is the right information. This Data Lookup system eliminates errors for quicker processing time.

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SUBMITTING: Transmit invoices instantly.

When you create an invoice in Cortex, the data is transmitted directly to the Buyer’s accounting system. No more relying on the postal system or email and hoping that your invoice was received and directed to the right person for approval.

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STATUS UPDATES: View real time status updates.

The system displays real time invoice status updates which eliminates phone calls and emails, and gives insight into your overall A/R position.



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REJECTIONS: Communicate directly to resolve.

If your invoice contains an error, you will receive a rejection message through our Direct Messaging system for quick resolution. The message will also specify the change you need to make to correct and resubmit.

NETWORKING: The gateway to growing your business.

Our Trading Partner Network encompasses all the businesses that utilize the Cortex platform for e-invoicing. When you join Cortex, you are connected to this vast network of companies, giving you the opportunity to connect and promote your product or service to potential new buyers. 

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Discover The Network

ACCESSIBILITY: Getting started is easy.

Our e-invoicing solution is available to you through an online portal that you can use right from your Desktop without installing any software. The simple fee structure is based on the number of documents you send so you only pay for what you use, and the package can be updated as your needs change.

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