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Cortex Builds Upon Industry Leading Platform with Release of New Features on the Cortex Trading Partner Network

CALGARY, ALBERTA – May 19, 2017 - Cortex Business Solutions Inc. (TSXV: CBX), a network-as-a-service e-invoicing solutions provider, has released new functionality on the Cortex Trading Partner Network (“CTPN”) that brings even greater functionality and value to its customers.

Attachment Collation – Most Buying organizations require Suppliers to attach backup documents to invoices ranging from scanned copies of field tickets to pdf versions of the original invoice. Depending on the amount of documents associated with an invoice, this could mean several files, which sometimes exceed the limit set by the Buying organization’s software. Failing to attach documents could results in the Buyer rejecting the invoice. To get around this, some Suppliers have to print copies of their attached documents and rescan them into a single document.

To solve this inefficiency, Cortex has developed an attachment collator that automatically merges attachments into a file that meets the recipient’s technical requirements. This new functionality gives Suppliers the ability to better manage their invoices and avoid rejections, by providing all the necessary documents to the Buyer, which in turn saves them additional time and money.

Reference Documents & Enhancements – Reference documents are a critical part of the e-invoicing process, as documents within the Cortex system use line items contained within the reference document (such as a PO) to eliminate double entry of data and potential errors. To help customers on the CTPN, several enhancements have been made that make it easier to find information, and allow for more robust configuration settings within the Workbench application.

A new Reference tab has been added to document forms, which allows users to quickly compare line item data from the open document against data from any other documents that have been referenced by it.  By providing information on reference documents in one convenient location, this functionality will greatly reduce the amount of time (and money) spent opening multiple documents to compare data.

“Our goal is to provide the most value possible for all our customers,” stated Chris Lambert, Vice President, Technology for Cortex, “and we are extremely proud to unveil this new functionality within the Cortex Network at no additional cost to our Buyers or Suppliers.”

Joel Leetzow, President and CEO of Cortex added, “This release follows our core commitment to add cutting-edge functionality and features, without adding additional cost for our customers. This value-driven consistency is what I believe makes us the premier e-invoicing network for today’s top businesses.”

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About Cortex Business Solutions

Cortex’s strategy is to revolutionize B2B document exchange by replacing traditional paper-based manual systems with automated e-invoicing. This positions companies with the scalability and flexibility needed to meet the demands of today’s business. Cortex offers a B2B network that enables electronic invoicing for buying and supplying organizations using flexible connection methods to leverage existing customer technologies and processes. Access to the Cortex Network enhances the exchange of documents allowing companies to connect and interact with each other to grow their businesses.

Cortex is currently delivering e-invoicing services to over 10,000 Trading Partners in Oil & Gas, Mining, and Sports & Entertainment industries, with a focused expansion into additional verticals.

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